(24 June 2021) The National Health Seminar organised by the Medical and Health Sciences Faculty of Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia is a biannual 1-day online seminar. This event will include a panel of invited experts for the symposia, oral and E-poster presentations. The design of this seminar is to encourage the sharing of medical and scientific knowledge amongst its participants and to build beneficial collaborations.

This year, with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, our immediate future remains uncertain. However, unquestionably, with the imposed lockdowns and geographical restrictions, we have seen an increased usage of digital health and applications in our daily lives. The prospect of health digitisation – regardless of the COVID-19 status is clear: digital health will be a driving force and a crucial aspect for the medical community to delve into.

Hence, in keeping with the new norms of the pandemic, the theme of our seminar is DIGITAL HEALTHCARE: STEPPING INTO THE FUTURE OF MEDICINE.


This seminar aims to discuss the following issues, including and not limited to the following topics:

  • Artificial intelligence with Digital Health
  • Sustainable digital hospital management and set-up
  • Digitisation of medical education
  • Digitisation of sports and rehabilitation
  • Digitisation of medical and health-related research
  • Cyber-security aspects of medical digitisation
  • Application development for medical and allied health science improvement
  • Challenges of Digital Health

Once again, on behalf of the organisers, We hope that all of you will gain much knowledge and forge valuable networking opportunities from this seminar.

Thank you for your participation and enjoy the sessions!

Please register here : https://nhs2021.usim.edu.my/