The ‘Community Awareness Programme: Preventing Microplastic Pollution In Kg. Semanyir’ In Endau, Johor

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From May 24 to May 26, 2024, 65 participants, including 28 students from USIM’s Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, 4 students from UIA, 3 lecturers, and 33 villagers, took part in the ‘Community Awareness Programme: Preventing Microplastic Pollution in Kg. Semanyir’ in Endau, Johor. Organized annually by the USIM OHSC club, the program aims to educate about the One Health concept, which highlights the interconnected health of humans, animals, and the environment. This initiative sought to enhance student knowledge and community awareness regarding the impact of microplastic pollution on coastal villages.

The program included knowledge transfer sessions, health consultations, and collaborative activities with the local community. Villagers, including the village head and children, actively participated in various activities such as talks on microplastic pollution, health check-ups, exhibitions, interactive games, and a beach cleanup. These efforts successfully raised awareness, applied academic theories in a practical context, and aimed to improve community health and quality of life.

The program had multiple positive impacts, increasing awareness and education on microplastic pollution, fostering responsible behaviors, and empowering villagers to take ownership of environmental health. Immediate health benefits were provided through check-ups, while long-term health could improve due to reduced pollutant exposure. For students, the program offered valuable practical experience, enhancing their future medical and public health careers. It also strengthened community bonds and paved the way for ongoing collaborations between the university and the local community. The cleanup efforts contributed to a cleaner, safer ecosystem, promoting better health, environmental sustainability, and education with lasting benefits for both the community and the students involved.

Prepared by: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mohd Dzulkhairi bin Mohd Rani (Advisor of USIM One Health Students Club)